Can you think of anything cooler than playing a zombie on The Walking Dead? If you answered ‘yes’ to that question, then perhaps this isn’t the post for you. But if you answered ‘no,’ and your dream is to shamble onto the set of AMC’s hit show, then read on because we’ve got good news!

Set for premiere in October, the sixth season of The Walking Dead has begun filming and casting agents are looking for actors and extras to fill out various roles. Since there’s never any shortage of walkers on the show, many slots are available, and you – yes, YOU – might be the person to fill one.

Walking Dead zombie audition

The website TV Show Auditions reports that The Walking Dead‘s casting agents are looking for hopefuls of all ages and ethnicities, with auditions currently taking place in both Los Angeles, California and Atlanta, Georgia. Shooting will take place in Atlanta, and at Riverwood Studios in Senoia, Georgia.

Only requirement is that you’re legally able to work in the United States, and specifically in Atlanta, so if you indeed are, then be sure to click the above link to learn more. The website lays out everything you need to do in order to get your name and photo onto the desk of The Walking Dead‘s casting agents.

Walking Dead zombie audition

The Walking Dead is known for putting zombie hopefuls through their very own ‘Zombie School,’ wherein actors are tested for their ability to physically transform into undead monsters. Once you pass zombie school, well, it’s not long before the makeup is applied and you’re attacking Rick and company.

Check out a behind the scenes peek at The Walking Dead‘s Zombie School below, which was filmed back when Season 4 was being shot!

[youtube id=”EIHVKm5MMe0″]