Here’s the New Ghost Rider from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD!

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Written by John Squires

We cover many different television series’ here on iHorror, but ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD definitely isn’t one of them; after all, nothing about it screams HORROR. But last night, beloved badass Ghost Rider made his very first appearance on the show, and since he’s a skeleton dude with a flaming skull, I don’t think any of you guys will be confused as to why we’re reporting on this one.

Besides, who the hell doesn’t love Ghost Rider?!

This latest iteration of Ghost Rider goes by the human name Roberto “Robbie” Reyes, and he was first introduced in the Marvel comics universe back in 2013; the new character got his own series in 2014. Per Wikipedia, Reyes is a Mexican-American character who drives a black classic muscle car reminiscent of a modified 1969 Dodge Charger instead of a motorcycle and lives in East Los Angeles…

Robbie is a high-school student working as a mechanic at an auto body shop who lives with his developmentally disabled brother Gabe and seeks to get away from the dangerous, gang-riddled streets of East Los Angeles. To that end, he enters a street race, hoping to use the prize money to move themselves away. When mercenaries gun him down while trying to retrieve pills that caused the transformation of Calvin Zabo into the supervillain Mr. Hyde, which had been left in the trunk unbeknownst to Robbie, the teen is revived as a demonic being with a flaming, helmet-like head. He drives off in the car, now similarly ablaze.

If you missed the new Ghost Rider’s first appearance last night, check it out below!


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