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‘Hereditary’ Is A24’s Biggest Opening Ever at the Box Office

by Michael Carpenter

If one went strictly by online opinion, one would think that Hereditary – the latest horror film from small studio A24 – was extremely divisive. Yet, that fact hasn’t hurt its opening weekend earnings, which turned out quite well.

According to Box Office Mojo, Hereditary is projected to open at #4 on the chart with a total weekend gross of just over $13 million. That may not sound amazingly impressive, but the numbers actually become much better when viewed in context.

That $13 million-plus opening is actually the best ever for A24, easily topping their previous biggest opening, 2016’s The Witch. That film opened to $8.8 million, before ultimately grossing over $25 million total on a $4 million budget.

To be fair, Hereditary has a longer way to go to become profitable as its reported budget is $10 million, and a movie generally needs to double its budget to recoup marketing costs. Still, making your entire budget back in the first weekend isn’t too shabby at all.

Additionally, Hereditary was up against some big time competition in the top five, with heist spinoff Ocean’s 8 topping the list, followed by franchise blockbusters Solo: A Star Wars Story and Deadpool 2. Coming in right behind those films isn’t shameful.

Still, considering Hereditary’s poor D+ CinemaScore – a rating based on audience reactions after seeing it – one wonders how well director Ari Aster’s film will hold up over the course of this week and into next weekend.

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