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‘Here Alone’ – A Horrifying Apocalyptic Experience! [Review]

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Day in and day out we are subject to a variety of trends, and we watch them come and go, some leave us just as quickly as their arrival, while other trends continue for years, and horror cinema is no exception to this rule. Several years back most of us can remember living through the vampire trend, as a new installment in the Twilight series emerged, and this led to many other books and films tackling the similar subject matter. As the dust settled on that, we were introduced to the zombie trend that began slowly around seven years ago, and this zombie trend continues to gain momentum and remains strong. Director Rod Blackhurst’s film Here Alone is a familiar story, focusing on an apocalyptic era where zombies have seized most of the Earth. However, this story is captivating and will absorb moviegoers.

What sets Here Alone apart from other similar stories is the back and forth between present day and the first days of the plague, as Ann (Lucy Walters), and her husband Jason (Shane West) are hiding out in the woods, seeking shelter with their infant daughter. The setting is peaceful until the audience realizes that this beautiful couple is not alone, and flesh eating monsters are on the prowl not too far in the distance.

We follow Ann as she is met with a challenge of seeking food from an abandoned house which is heavily populated by the undead, which have proved to be fast moving when seeking out a fresh meal. The story intensifies when Ann is met with two more survivors; teenager Olivia (Gina Piersanti) and her stepdad – Chris (Adam David Thompson). These two survivors have a different agenda on which road to survival should be used. Conflict and character arches continue to push the film forward. Admittingly I found myself watching the clock, wanting this film to hurry on through and after the first act was complete I didn’t want the film to end.

Don’t worry; the film holds its share of gore throughout, you will not be disappointed.

Here Alone releases today, March 31st, 2017 on VOD platforms and is quite suitable for fans of the undead!

Take some time out to check out the trailer and the social media links below to learn more about this ghastly film!

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