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Bisexual Serial Killer’s Estate For Sale Where He Buried Victims

by Piper St. James

The eighteen acre estate once owned by serial killer Herbert Richard Baumeister, deceased bisexual serial killer who deemed the estate Fox Hollow Farm, is now for sale.  The home and ten acres of land in Indianapolis was purchased in the early 2000’s for nearly one million dollars.  The remaining eight acres were then purchased by Noah Herron who has recently chosen to divide up the land into four lots and sell three of them.

However, the property and home come with a dark history.  The house is supposedly be haunted.  The land was the burial site for many of Baumeister’s male victims who he met at gay bars and strangled to death.  Some were found in shallow streams in the woods on the property.  Most of the men were in their early twenties while others were just teenagers.

Baumeister was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a teenager, but was not treated until he was older when his father committed him to a psychiatric hospital.  At this time Baumeister had been married to his wife, Juliana Saiter, for only a few years.

The couple had three children together, but Saiter claimed they only had sex six times during their twenty five years of marriage.  She noted later in life her husband had mood swings and increasing erratic and violent behavior.  He became so violent she couldn’t take it anymore and filed for divorce.

It was during their pending divorce that Saiter finally gave police permission to search their property, permission which was once denied by both she and her husband.  Upon the investigation Baumeister’s secrets finally came out.

Police exhumed countless bones from the property.  However, the serial killer was not apprehended as he had fled to Canada.  A week after the warrant for his arrest went out Baumeister killed himself.  In his suicide note he did not take responsibility for the murders of at least 25 men.  He just attributed the taking of his life to his impending divorced and failing businesses.

It was later discovered Baumeister’s body count did not stop at the remains found at Fox Hollow Farm.  A second dumping site of nine additional men was discovered along the corridor of Interstate 70 in the mid-1980s.

Do you think more bones will be found as the lots of property are bought and developed?

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