In the annals of horror, many a film has been made that attempted to offer viewers a journey inside the mind of a serial killer. Arguably one of the greatest films to ever tackle the subject is John McNaughton’s 1986 classic Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Loosely based on the real life exploits of monstrous murderer Henry Lee Lucas, Henry: PoaSK starred a young Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead) in what is still perhaps his all-time greatest role, an unrepentant psychopath who takes pleasure in the murder of innocents. When it comes to horrific character studies, few can even claim to be in Henry’s league.

Henry gif

Thankfully, a new generation of horror fans will soon get a chance to check out Henry for themselves, in a theater no less. Dark Sky Films has taken it upon themselves to create a 4k restoration of the landmark film, with plans to premiere the newly restored version at the Chicago International Film Festival on October 14th, 2016. This is the same festival that Henry first screened at back in 1986, effectively bringing things full circle. Both star Rooker and director McNaughton will be in attendance, and also participate in a 30th anniversary Q&A session with fans.

For everyone else, Henry’s 4k restoration will receive a limited theatrical re-release in 20 different markets starting on October 21st, 2016. Dates in New York City and Los Angeles have already been announced, with the other cities to be revealed at a later date. Dark Sky has yet to clarify this point, but one assumes the restored Henry will make its way to Blu-Ray not long after its theatrical run, based on the company’s past release patterns. If there is anyone reading this article who hasn’t seen Henry, they are hereby urged to rectify that mistake ASAP. It’s a classic for a reason.