With Your Help, ‘Jaws’ Could Get Its Own LEGO Set!

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Launched in 2008, the Lego Ideas project is a truly awesome one, as it gives fans the power to design their own Lego sets, with the potential for the company to actually produce those sets for mass consumption. How it works, in a nut shell, is that fans submit their concepts to the Lego Ideas website, and once any given project receives 10,000 votes from other fans, the Lego Group reviews the proposal, and potentially makes the idea a reality.

Granted, an overwhelming number of votes doesn’t guarantee that the set will be produced, but if the company digs the idea, and sees how into it their fans are, then there’s a good chance they’ll make it happen.

The most recent success story of the Lego Ideas project was a 30th anniversary Ghostbusters tribute set, which was created by a fan named Brent Waller, and is due out this coming June. The set includes the Ecto-1 mobile and mini-figures of the Ghostbusters themselves, and it’s the support of us fans that has resulted in the set going from concept to reality. Pretty cool, eh?!


Hoping to follow in the successful footsteps of the Ghostbusters pitch is this recently submitted Jaws proposal, the brainchild of T.J. Spencer. Dubbed ‘Orca’s Last Stand,’ the proposed set allows you to recreate the most iconic imagery from the film, and includes mini-figs of Brody, Hooper, Quint and the shark, along with the ill-fated Orca vessel. Also included are two yellow barrels, which were of course used in the film to force the shark to the surface.


Just launched earlier this week, the project already has over 500 votes (at the time of writing this), and I encourage you to head over to the Lego Ideas website and add to that number, if you’d like to see this awesome set become a reality. Spencer says that if the set does end up getting produced, he’d like to see a portion of the proceeds donated to the conservation group Shark Savers, which is something I too would love to see happen.

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