HELLEVATOR Season 2 Preview Video: Sloth!

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The game show from deep down below is back, and more horrifying than ever! With this upcoming episode themed around that classic slow sin, (and not the slow mammal) Sloth.

For those unfamiliar, Hellevator is a physical challenge game show hosted by Jen and Sylvia Soska, the twin sister directors behind of American Mary and See No Evil 2. Where four contestants must go down a haunted elevator and navigate a sinister slaughterhouse filled with ghouls and gore in order to win some cold, hard, cash. Like a blood filled Legend Of The Hidden Temple!

The Soska Sister’s little slice of damnation in game show form continues with the next of the Seven Deadly Sins theme this year, Sloth! The punishment of which traditionally would be being thrown into a pit of snakes, so let’s see how this plays out in the upcoming game. As well, The Soska Sisters have themed much of their maze on real life serial killers, so we can only imagine which of a cornucopia of murderers to choose from is selected.

So far, the contestant’s occupations have determined the sin marked upon them, such as a group of Chefs branded for GLUTTONY in the season 2 premiere. I’s a bit of a guessing game as to what job sent those poor souls down the slow path of the Hellevator, but it looks like they’re going to have to work hard, and not be afraid to get their hands dirty with blood, guts, and other fluids if they wish to win… and survive!

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