‘Hellboy’ Reboot Gets 2019 Release Date

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There will likely always be some people among us who won’t ever embrace the upcoming reboot of Hellboy. It’s understandable enough, as not only are director Guillermo Del Toro’s two prior Hellboy efforts beloved, it’s also well-known that he and former star Ron Perlman wanted to make another installment.

Sadly though, that ship has sailed, and there will likely never be another Hellboy project with either Del Toro or Perlman involved. Still, one can’t grieve forever, and there’s no reason to assume that another director and star can’t craft a different but also worthwhile take on the infernal superhero.

That’s exactly what director Neil Marshall (The Descent) and new Hellboy actor David Harbour (Stranger Things’ Chief Hopper) are setting out to do with this new reboot, co-written by comic creator Mike Mignola, Andrew Cosby, and Christopher Golden.

Now, THR reports that Hellboy version 2.0 is officially set to hit theaters on January 11th, 2019. It seems a bit odd that distributor Lionsgate would stick a comic book adaptation starring such a popular character in the winter wastelands of January, but perhaps there is a good reason for the move.

While both of Del Toro’s Hellboy films were critically acclaimed and a hit with fans of the source material, neither were particularly huge hits at the box office. Neither outright bombed, but they were far, far from the cash cows that most Marvel and DC adaptations tend to turn into.

By positioning Hellboy in the less competitive month of January – instead of in say July – Lionsgate may well be guaranteeing a weeks-long stay at the top of the domestic charts. For the sake of the overall franchise, here’s hoping that ends up being the case.