The Nightmare on Elm Street franchise – and its iconic villain Freddy Krueger – have been on the minds of horror fans a lot lately, thanks to Robert Englund reprising his signature role for an episode of The Goldbergs, then hinting he might just have it in him to do another movie.

Now, Freddy’s original leading lady Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp) wants to get in on the action. It makes perfect sense really, as reuniting Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode with Michael Myers just proved enormously successful for Blumhouse’s new Halloween film.

During an interview with EW, Langenkamp acknowledged that the success of Curtis’ return to Halloween is what led her to consider the prospect of playing Nancy again for another Elm Street movie. She also said other genre stars are considering similar late-game comebacks.

“I’m sitting here like any other scream queen in Hollywood, hoping that they revive their franchise,” says Langenkamp, with a laugh. “I’m not alone! I know of lots of other horror heroines who have this little bit of spring in their step thinking about the chance of perhaps being in [new versions of] the movies that they helped make famous as young people. It’s kind of crazy, but it’s definitely something I would love to do.”

Now of course, fans shouldn’t take Langenkamp’s hopes as any kind of confirmation that a new Nightmare on Elm Street with her and Englund is in the works, just as they shouldn’t assume that Englund’s tease of one more means it’ll happen. That’s all up to the studio.

That said, after the success of Halloween, Warner Bros. and New Line would have to be crazy to not be at least considering bringing back Freddy Krueger. And if Englund wants to play the role, it’s hard to imagine they would turn him down, or reject a Nancy return either.

Perhaps the biggest question is what route a hypothetical new Nightmare would take. Would it be used to properly send off Englund’s Freddy? Would Nancy’s death in Dream Warriors be retconned? Or like Halloween, would every sequel be erased? Stranger things have happened.