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Forbidden Films announced its second casting decision in as many days today. On Wednesday, they announced the addition of Ellie Church, a Tromette, and star of Brian Williams’ Time to Kill. Today, they announced the casting of Williams himself.

Williams (not to be confused with the NBC Nightly News anchor), along with Church and the forbidden films crew, hails from Indiana. Here’s the announcement from the Headless Facebook page:

CASTING ANNOUNCEMENT! We’re pleased to announce that BRIAN WILLIAMS has joined the cast of “Headless”! Brian is a fellow Hoosier filmmaker whose feature directorial debut, TIME TO KILL, is now sweeping the horror festival and convention circuit! Together with Ellie Church, Brian runs Mostly Harmless Pictures, an Indianapolis-based production company now at work on more exploitation goodness. We can promise you that Brian won’t make it through “Headless” in one piece, but which piece (or pieces?) will he lose? Stay tuned to find out! (And check out TIME TO KILL at!)

Headless is a feature length version of the movie within a movie in Found, which is getting a lot of media attention as it’s about to be released on VOD on Friday. The Headless segment is also what got the film banned in Australia.

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