HBO’s Anthology ‘Room 104’ Spans Many Genres Including Horror

Timothy RawlesNews, TV1 Comment

HBO is known for its award-winning original programming and its recent entry is a multiple-genre anthology series which contains storylines ranging from drama to horror.

iHorror thinks “Room 104” is a show to watch out for and everyone who loves good storytelling should tune in each week.

With a different narrative every Friday, the series takes place in the hotel room of its namesake and will run for 12 episodes in this, its inaugural season.

Produced by the Duplass Brothers, “Room 104” creates weekly half-hour episodes centering on different characters and different eras of history.

This week James Van Der Beek and Davie-Blue star in “Pizza Boy” about a couple who include a delivery man in their weird and twisted games.

“Pizza Boy” airs Friday, August  (11:30 p.m.-midnight ET/PT)

New episodes of “Room 104” premiere each week on HBO. Click HERE for schedule and times.

Mark Duplass and Jay Duplass are the creators and executive producers of ROOM 104; executive producer, Xan Aranda; co-executive producer, Ross Partridge; producer, Sydney Fleischmann.

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