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Come join Malvolia The Queen of Screams for some Thanksgiving fun! Back in October we covered Malvolia’s mischief in her frightful Halloween Specialhowever, Thanksgiving takes us to a whole new level of fear, she’s hungry and there is no escape!

This holiday episode is Directed by Alex Napiwocki and Hunter Johnson. Written by Jennifer Nangle, we find Queen Malvolia reading fan mail asking the Queen what her most memorable Thanksgiving time was. Without hesitation, Malvolia gives us the grim and fun details of her “delivery” order for her Thanksgiving feast. Just wait until you witness her sinister laugh, it will haunt your dreams!

The most humorous part of this episode is the delivery guy’s detailed journey of finding his way to Malvolia’s lair. From fighting invisible ghosts, running from a swamp thing, and zombies he still manages to make his delivery to the Queen.

These episodes continue to amaze me with their originality and I am looking forward to what the Queen of Screams has in store for us come December.

Check out the episode below and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Image: Scream Queen Productions
Image: Scream Queen Productions
Image: Scream Queen Productions

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