The Haunted Traveler: Haunted London

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Handel’s House Museum

Haunted London

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The last home of Baroque composer George Fredric Handel, this museum in haunted London was where he lived until his death in 1759. He actually died in the house and in 2001 an exorcism was performed in the room he expired in. Those in charge of the building contacted the clergy themselves due to activity.

A ghostly woman is seen wandering the home and visitors smell the strong odor of perfume. It is said that Jimi Hendrix lived in the next building and experienced paranormal activity as well. You can visit the museum for £6.50 for adults and £2 for children 5-16.

Theatre Royal Drury Lane

Haunted London

Widely considered to be one of the most haunted theaters, this location has quite an array of spirits that visit. The Man in Grey is the most famous of them all, appearing before a successful show. He is often seen dressed in 18th century clothing (powdered wig included). There is a lavender scented ghost, a disembodied clown head (don’t worry, it’s friendly) and the ghost of an actor that killed someone on stage.

You can see a show here for around £25 a person, but it would seem you may get more action as an actor versus a theater goer.

Highgate Cemetery

Haunted London

Image courtesy of The Guardian

I once heard somewhere that cemeteries aren’t usually haunted, but according to many people, this very large cemetery is just that. With a wide array of spooks meandering among the stones, this cemetery tops all others as the most haunted. There is even legend of a tall, imposing vampire that stalks the grounds enough to begin a vampire hunt in the 70’s.

Others have seen red eyes peering from the gates, a floating nun and a woman running screaming through the cemetery. Certain parts of the cemetery are open for a fee and others have an age limit. The grounds are beautiful but you may want to avoid them at night.

London is one of the oldest cities in the world with a rich history, gorgeous building and long lasting mysteries. It will be hard to leave haunted London for our next destination. Come back next month and let us know where you would like us to visit. If you missed last months Haunted Traveler, you can read it here.

(Featured image courtesy of Cabinet of Curiosities)

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