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Haunted, Horror-Themed Black Monarch Hotel in Colorado is Open for Business

by Waylon Jordan
Black Monarch Hotel

Nestled high in the Rocky Mountains in Victor, Colorado, the Black Monarch Hotel is slowly coming back to life.

At the height of its fame as the largest gold strike in North America, Victor boasted an estimated population of 18,000 people. People came from all over the world to seek their fortune, and the Monarch, as it was known at the time, was built as a brothel and saloon to sate just a few of the appetites they brought with them. Local legend states that Nicola Tesla, who had traveled to Colorado at the time, originally wired the hotel for electricity.

Now, the town has dwindled to only 400 people and many of its storied buildings stand unused.

That’s where Adam Zimmerli came in. The businessman and licensed contractor was already running a successful cannabis-friendly bed and breakfast in the Denver area, and was looking to expand to other properties when he discovered the Monarch.

Black Monarch Hotel Room

(Image courtesy of Black Monarch Hotel)

Zimmerli has been a man of many hats in his career, and as an avid horror fan, had collected more than his fair share of oddities, strange taxidermy, and other such memorabilia.

He read stories about the town’s history, and upon further research found locals who told stories of visitors staying in the hotel who woke to the sounds of men and women shouting only to discover they were the only people staying in the hotel.

Could it be that not everyone who stayed at the hotel in its heyday had completely left the building?

Real or not, it seemed that he had found his next project.

“It just seemed like the natural evolution of everything in my life to this point,” Zimmerli says.

Zimmerli began the work, himself, re-christening the building as The Black Monarch with the idea of creating a horror-themed boutique environment. Each of the rooms will be themed under the names of various historical killers so visitors, for example, will be able to book the Elizabeth Bathory or H.H. Holmes room for their stay.

There are currently four rooms available for rent, but upon its completion the hotel will boast 12,000 square feet of rooms, and that’s not all.

Black Monarch Sitting Room

(Image courtesy of Black Monarch Hotel)

Zimmerli, who also spent a portion of his earlier career as a booking agent for music talent in Colorado at locations like Bender’s Tavern, also sees The Black Monarch as an ideal location for events. Darker-tinged music acts, circus-style performers, and even unconventional weddings will all find a home at the Black Monarch as more of the building becomes at available.

The Black Monarch is an ideal destination for history buffs, horror fans, and those folks who love things that go bump in the night!

For more information about the hotel or to inquire about bookings, you can visit their official website. To keep up with Zimmerli’s renovations and all the latest news, you can find them on Facebook, as well!

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