Adam Green - Victor Crowley

Fans of modern horror maestro Adam Green (Hatchet) are about to become very excited. Almost four years after the release of his last theatrical feature, Hatchet II, Green is finally ready to kick his directing career back into high gear.

First, this year (or next) will finally see the release of Green’s meta mockumentary Digging Up the Marrow, in which a documentary about horror-based art is sidetracked by a man who claims that he can prove that monsters really exist. Now, Green has signed on direct the the demonic horror flick Exorcism on Crooked Lake, according to Deadline.

Exorcism on Crooked Lake’s plot follows an older priest, a younger priest, and a female med student who are called upon to travel to a remote house and perform an exorcism on a possessed pregnant woman. Unfortunately, the group’s efforts are complicated by the arrival of a Satanic cult that wants to claim the child as their own.

Writing the script for Crooked Lake are the Dowdle brothers, John Erick and Drew. They first became known for their (sadly) still unreleased found footage film The Poughkeepsie Tapes, which drew wide praise from audiences at film festivals around the country. The duo also went on to direct the studio horror films Quarantine and Devil, both of which earned decently positive reviews from moviegoers.

While many fans were crushed when Green’s semi-autobiographical Fearnet sitcom Holliston was canceled, they can now at least take solace in the fact that the end of that series has seemingly freed up Green to continue making films in the genre that made him famous.

Opinions on Green’s films vary, but between Hatchets I&II, Spiral, and Frozen, it could easily be argued that the man has yet to direct a bad film. This type of Satanic horror subject matter is an entirely new avenue for Green, and will hopefully allow him to spread his directorial wings and remind fans why he became such a big deal in the first place.

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