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‘Hatchet’ Director’s Gift to Fans Is a Free Documentary

by Timothy Rawles

Those familiar with Director Adam Green know how seriously he takes Halloween. Green celebrates the holiday the way most people celebrate Christmas including putting up a tree handing out presents and for extra measure releasing a horror short every year.

That tradition is now in its 20th year and to commemorate the occasion Adam’s production company, arieScope Pictures, released a free documentary called For the Love of Halloween chronicling the past two decades of these sometimes clunky but always entertaining short films.

Green has gone on to see great mainscream success since that first short called Columbus Day in 1998; namely, feature-length films such as the fan-adored Hatchet franchise, Digging Up the Marrow, and critically lauded Frozen.

Even though his success has lifted him to genre elite status as an Indie filmmaker (When Sid Haig says he’ll do one of your shorts for free, you know you made it), Green never forgets what paved the way to his own studio in North Hollywood.

That includes his longtime friendship with writer, producer, and cinematographer Will Barratt.

For the Love of Halloween is a personal and often hilarious behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to make short films on little-to-no budgets. The anecdotes are comforting, sometimes scary, but always uplifting especially to young filmmakers who may just be getting started in the industry.

Some standout shorts discussed in this doc include Jack Chop, Driving Lessons, and one of my personal favorites, the hilarious Monster Problems.

Special guests include Kane Hodder, Sarah Elbert and the some of the other key players who make up the arieScope Pictures family.

What started as a project born out of fun has become a seasonal expectation. Green said that he wanted to stop at 20 films, but his team insisted they extend that to 31 for every day in October.

“I just wanted ArieScope to be my own little island in Hollywood,” says Green in the film. “Like a fun, happy place where we could dream and create together. A studio that may physically be located in Hollywood, but that was our place in the Hollywood system.”

You can watch For the Love of Halloween for free by clicking below.

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