Happy Death Day Slays the Box Office!

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As has become quite a common occurrence as of late, a horror movie has once again cleaned up at the box office. This time the film in question is Happy Death Day, a slasher film with a Groundhog Day-like time loop twist.

According to Deadline’s latest numbers, Happy Death Day is poised to claim the #1 spot on the domestic charts with a $26.5 million opening haul. That may not sound like a ton, but Happy Death Day only cost $4.8 million to make, meaning that this opening gross will make it instantly profitable for producer Blumhouse and studio Universal.

Happy Death Day cake

Happy Death Day continues a successful 2017 for Blumhouse horror, with Q1 releases Get Out and Split both making major bank in theaters. While Happy Death Day probably won’t reach that level, it serves as another example of Blumhouse’s winning formula when it comes to earning big returns on small investments.

Happy Death Day’s $26.5 million weekend dwarfs its closest competition Blade Runner 2049, which took the #2 spot, and continues to underperform at the box office. Androids may very well dream of electric sheep, but Warner Bros. certainly wasn’t dreaming of such a big name sequel doing this poorly.

Stephen King's IT trailer 2017

Thankfully, IT continues to be a saving grace for WB, still sticking around at #4 after over a month in theaters. The most successful horror movie of all time – at least when one doesn’t adjust for inflation – IT has now crossed the $300 million mark domestically and the $600 million mark worldwide.

There’s not much to look forward to at the movies next week, unless one wants to go see Boo 2: A Madea Halloween. On October 28th though, Jigsaw returns after a seven-year absence. Oh yes, there will be blood, and hopefully high ticket sales. When horror movies do well, we all win.


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