‘Happy Death Day’ Celebrates Over $100 Million Total Box Office Haul

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2017 has been a great year for horror at the box office, with the biggest success story obviously being IT. The Stephen King adaptation is rapidly approaching $700 million worldwide on a budget of only $35 million.

That said, there have been smaller scale horror successes this year, several of which hail have from the prolific studio Blumhouse Productions. M. Night Shyamalan’s Split brought in $278 million on a $9 million budget, Jordan Peele’s Get Out hauled in $254 million on a $4.5 million budget, and now October release Happy Death Day has rapidly climbed into the nine figure realm as well.

Happy Death Day cake

While many went into Happy Death Day’s release with skepticism – after all, a slasher comedy rated PG-13, the hell? – both critics and audiences were surprised by just how clever director Christopher Landon’s film ended up being.

Made for only $4.8 million, Happy Death Day recently crossed the $100 million threshold worldwide, now sitting at a cool $105.4 million gross. While not quite Split and Get Out impressive, it’s still a huge victory for quality horror films, gore-filled or not.

With that kind of success at its back, a sequel to Happy Death Day seems likely. When asked about the possibility, Landon said that he hoped to address what caused the time loop that Tree (Jessica Rothe) got trapped in, a subject that was left unexplained in the film itself. It’s unclear if this would mean Rothe herself would come back, or the time loop’s cause would be explored using a new character.

Happy Death Day

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