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One of the biggest pleasant horror surprises of 2017 for me was Happy Death Day, Blumhouse’s comedic slasher flick that features a main character stuck in a time loop in which she painfully dies over and over again.

Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one who dug it, as Happy Death Day made quite a bit of cash at the box office. Thus, Blumhouse quickly greenlit a sequel, which features the return of magnetic lead star Jessica Rothe.

Writer/director Christopher Landon also returns for the sequel, now titled Happy Death Day 2U. The film has been slated to hit theaters on February 14th for awhile, but EW reports that the release date has now been moved.

Happy Death Day 2U now releases on February 13th, after Fred Guttenberg – whose daughter was killed in the Parkland, FL school shooting – pointed out to distributor Universal that the 14th is the anniversary of that tragic event.

While it’s impossible not to feel for Guttenberg, one wonders if this move might set a bad precedent. The sad fact is that mass shootings happen often nowadays, and every day could well end up being an anniversary of one.

Additionally, Universal won’t screen Happy Death Day 2U or market it in the Parkland area. That seems a bit extreme, as one assumes some horror fans live there that might want to check it out. Still, the decision’s been made.