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Tree Gelbman – the lead protagonist of the Happy Death Day series – may keep finding herself stuck in a time loop, but that doesn’t mean Happy Death Day 2U is destined to relive the first film’s notable box office success.

A huge hit for Blumhouse, 2017’s original Happy Death Day earned $125 million worldwide on a budget of only $4.8 million, and it doesn’t take a math genius to notice that’s a really high return on the studio’s investment.

Unfortunately, Happy Death Day 2U looks destined to fall short of those heights, debuting at #4 at the domestic box office. According to Deadline, the sequel earned an underwhelming $9.8 million from Friday to Sunday.

When one adds the estimates for Monday’s Presidents Day holiday, that still only raises the weekend total to $11.4 million. By comparison, the original Happy Death Day opened at #1 to the much higher tune of $26 million.

That aside, Happy Death Day 2U will still likely be profitable for Blumhouse and Universal. Budgeted at $9 million, the sequel has so far grossed $25.3 million worldwide, likely breaking even financially after marketing costs.

If Happy Death Day 2U’s profit margin ends up being slim, one wonders if this will be the end of the franchise. Writer/director Christopher Landon already has an idea for a third entry, and it would be a shame not to see it.