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‘Hangnail’ Short Film Will Make Your Skin Crawl

by Trey Hilburn III

We have all had that painfully annoying hangnail before, right guys? You know the one, I’m talking about that little piece of skin that manages to rub up against everything that comes within 12 feet of you for some reason. That little piece of skin that you have to take great care in removing. Great care to keep from turning your skin into a roll of scotch tape.

Well, writer-director Colin MacDonald has created a horror short while in quarantine that revolves around someone obsessively attempting to remove a pesky hangnail.

“Hangnail was a film idea that’s been hanging around, waiting to be ripped free,” said McDonald. “After spending years dreaming of making it, I can’t wait to make the internet cringe with pain from watching it.”

Fellow horror journalist, composer and all around great dude, Jerry Smith adds some jarring synth to go with the on screen hangnail tortures of the damned.

Just a heads up, if you are easily grossed out, you might wanna skip this one. But, for the rest of us horror nuts get your eyeballs on this and enjoy the viciousness of, Hangnail.

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