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Halloween Short -‘Bag of Tricks’ Conveys Traditional Halloween Terror!

by Ryan T. Cusick

It’s almost time, kids; Halloween is upon us, and let me guess, you are trying to find something to watch to put you in the mood? Right? Well, look no further; we have just the treat for you. Horror House Media’s newest horror short, Bag of Tricks, will do just that! Directed by Michael Coulombe and Written by Brantley J. Brown, the premise is quite simple, clever, and horror-stricken fun.

A knock on the front door turns what seems to be an ordinary Halloween night into a chilling ordeal for two lovers when they meet Timmy the Ghost.

Bag of Tricks is a film worth watching; with a run time of sixteen minutes, this short delivers a satisfying blend of terror, phenomenal acting, cinematography that’s on point, and of course, the perfect story to tell on Halloween. This will satisfy your Halloween craving and is watchable any time of the year, and that ghost costume! Who knew something simple could be unnerving and terrifying?

Frank Bernard Smith Jr. III as Ryan in ‘Bag of Tricks’

Jenna Nolen as Tiffany in ‘Bag of Tricks’

Ryan & Tiffany have no idea what is in store for them!

You nailed it! This film is driven by dark tension, looming shots, and a ghost that continues to haunt my mind! Horror House, where’s our anthology?
Go ahead and check out Bag of Tricks. You’ll be glad you did!



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