Halloween Returns Needs a Legend to Play Loomis


robert-englund-part-smiling-d2289811ec24e8a05b4444a26d90e72e-fullsize-64081Horror fans are rejoicing that the hacker from Haddonfield will be making his way back to the big screen in 2016 with Halloween Returns, but with all the excitement over the resurgence of Michael Myers, the rather large detail of who portrays Dr. Samuel Loomis hangs in the balance.

Of course. Donald Pleasence, the legend who brought the obsessed physician to life in the original (and four sequels) has passed on, and though it was more the direction Rob Zombie took the character than Malcolm McDowell’s performance, we don’t need to see A Clockwork Orange back in this particular trench coat.

So who then?

What actor can hold us rapt to the screen as we eagerly await Myers’ to emergence from the shadows? An actor who possesses the chops to simultaneously play an intellectual, strength and fear with a dash of desperation?

Thoughts of Peter Dinklage Idris Elba, Colm Feore, Lance Henrinksen, Terrence Howard, Forest Whitaker and even Harris Yulin came to mind for the good doctor, before it hit me.

kinopoisk_ru-Robert-Englund-502975--w--1280The late, great Christopher Lee, regretted passing on John Carpenter’s Halloween because it would have given him a “second career.” not that Lee ended up needing it with turns in Star Wars and Lord of the Rings,. That said, what other almost mythological horror presence has spoken of a desire for one more big role?  And more importantly, has already demonstrated a propensity for fashioning an iconic character?

A certain Robert Englund.

What’s more, the man who gave us Freddy Krueger is classically trained and vastly more talented than he has ever been given credit for and has teased in the past that he wouldn’t mind going toe-to-toe with Myer’s “blank, pale, emotionless face.”

Different circumstances than what Englund had in mind to be sure, but call it an opportunity for one of horror’s masters to once again seduce us with his wares.

And not for nothin’, but whether in dreams or geographically, Illinois isn’t that far from Ohio.


  1. I am not sure about Robert (Freddy Krueger) Englund taking on the role of Dr. Loomis in Halloween Returns. Don’t get me wrong, he is a great actor in his own right, but I still don’t know if he would be right for Dr. Loomis. I think that Malcolm McDowell should take on the role of Dr. Loomis again like he did in the Rob Zombie re-imagining and it’s sequel. I also feel that Mr. McDowell should reprise the role as he is also a great actor who gave Dr. Loomis a different depth that the actor who portrayed him originally, Donald Pleasence, didn’t give. I am hoping that the filmmakers who are making Halloween Returns reads this and takes this into consideration. I also would like to see Laurie Strode return to face Michael Myers, her evil and murderous big brother, one more time. Again, I hope that the filmmakers are reading this and takes this into consideration. Yes, I sure hope that they are.


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