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‘Halloween’ Producers Set to Release ‘The Legend of Halloween’ Tie-In Book

by Waylon Jordan
The Legend of Halloween

Producers Malek Akkad and Ryan Friemann announced today a forthcoming book–release date TBD–titled The Legend of Halloween based on the original 1978 classic Halloween film by John Carpenter and Debra Hill. The book is the inaugural release from Further Front Publishing.

The new book, written by David Gordon Green (Halloween 2018) and Onur Tukel (Richard’s Wedding), reimagines the original film as a children’s book filled with spooky verses and illustrations.

From the book’s official website: Michael Myers has been a naughty little boy. On Halloween night, he took a knife and did some very bad things. Luckily, he was caught and locked away in Smith’s Grove Sanitarium. Dr. Loomis was determined to keep him institutionalized for the rest of his life. Dr. Loomis knew what was behind Michael’s vacant stare… it was evil…purely and simply evil. Years later, Michael escapes and makes his way back to Haddonfield -the night HE came home – for some more mischief and mayhem. What is it about Halloween that drives this young man to kill? We might never know.

“I saw the original Halloween when I was about nine years old and it scared the wits out of me. I’ve seen it about fifty times since then and it continues to be my favorite horror film. The mask, the music, the indelible characters, the monologues of pure evil – to me it’s cinematic perfection,” Onur Tukel who also provides the book’s illustrations said in a statement. “Collaborating with David on a children’s book adaptation of Halloween has been demented and surreal, kind of like being simultaneously possessed by Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein and the demon Pazuza.”

The Legend of Halloween is a fun take on what has now become one of the most iconic films in cinematic history, John Carpenter’s Halloween,” says Malek Akkad, President of Trancas International Films which has produced Halloween (2018) and the upcoming Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. “The fans of these films have always been the driving force of the franchise, and I hope that they will appreciate this new book as much I do. It is fun for all generations of Halloween fans, young and old.”

For more information about the book and for updates on the publish date, visit the official website for The Legend of Halloween.

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