Last fall, we covered a rather mind-numbing petition to try and move Halloween to a different date, specifically placing the holiday on a Saturday. This, many argued, would be more convenient for everyone. Naturally, most reacted with eye-rolling.

Proving that stupidity just refuses to die, another stupid petition is out on demanding that Halloween be moved to the last Saturday in October. The petition currently has nearly 100,000 signatures, with a goal of getting 150,000 total.

The petition implores signers to join the “Saturday Halloween movement,” which is a name worthy of much annoyance already. The petition’s main arguments all seem to revolve around it being safer and more convenient for children and families.


While kids trick or treating is certainly a huge part of Halloween, it’s not the only part, and there are many traditions and reasons behind why it falls on October 31st. Suggesting it be summarily moved is both selfish and disrespectful to everyone else.

Besides, as a counter-petition proposed last year, the easiest solution would just be to make Halloween a federal holiday, so that people didn’t have to work or go to school before beginning their festivities. Sadly, that idea seems unlikely to take off either.