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‘Halloween’ meets ‘Pulp Fiction’ in ‘Beloved Beast’

by David N. Grove

Beloved Beast is an upcoming horror film that’s being compared to Halloween and Pulp Fiction.  “It’s Halloween meets Pulp Fiction,” promises Jonathan Holbrook, the writer-director of Beloved Beast, which is set to be completed in April 2018.  “It has drama, fantasy, horror, and a few chuckles.”

Beloved Beast (see first trailer here) tells the story of a young girl who befriends an escaped mental patient.  “The girl is in a car wreck with her parents, and her parents die in the wreck, and then the girl goes to live with her unstable aunt and is forced to fend for herself,” says Holbrook.  “One day she explores the nearby woods and meets up with an escaped lunatic who has the mind of a ten-year-old and is very dangerous.  She takes him home and hides him in the backyard shed.  All hell breaks loose.”

Beloved Beast was inspired by a short film of Holbrook’s called Whiskers, which features a killer rabbit.  “The original idea came when I wanted to turn a short film I did into a feature,” says Holbrook, who is based in Seattle, where Holbrook operates a film production company called Chronicle Factory.  “It [Whiskers] is about a couple who purchase a beta android butler with a rabbit head, and then everything goes bad due to malfunction.  However, it would have been too expensive to turn that into a feature because it would have required a lot of CG effects to make the film the way I wanted to make it.  It eventually transformed into Beloved Beast, keeping the killer rabbit in the story.”

The principal filming of Beloved Beast began in April 2017 and ended in November 2017.  “We were shooting on almost every Saturday and Sunday,” says Holbrook.  “The shooting days would be 9-13 hours long, which required a lot of dedication from the crew and the talent.  The production ran smoothly because of careful planning and perseverance, with only a couple of hiccups.  I can say that the hardest part was when I had to be in costume as the Beast Rabbit while I was directing at the same time!”

After Beloved Beast is completed, Holbrook is planning to hold several premieres in the Seattle area before the film makes the rounds at various festivals.  In October, the producers of Beloved Beast will be heading to Los Angeles to shop Beloved Beast at the American Film Market.

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