"Halloween" (1978)

‘Halloween Kills’ Will Get Another Famous Guest Appearance

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Haddonfield is a strange place lately. The town historian is probably going mad with all the inconsistencies regarding its most famous resident Michael Myers, for instance.

If you don’t know by now, 2018’s Halloween is the title taken from the 1978 original, but it’s not a remake. It’s a reboot, it’s retconned and protagonist Laurie Strode is in her late 50s, not in her late teens. Still, it’s assumed that everything that happened to her over 40 years ago still happened, except some things. And events from Halloween II might have taken place, maybe, but nothing from Halloween IV onward did. Or did it?

So the town historian was probably happy to see that in Halloween Kills there’s at least one familiar facade that remains consistent: the Myers’ house.

On Saturday, during a Twitter livestream screening of Halloween (the remake, not the original) with Kills’ cast and crew, director David Gordon Green confirmed that the Myers home is making a cameo in the upcoming sequel.

Presumably, the lot’s dark past will be a part of the plot as it’s the site of the famous Judith Myers murder. Namely where 6-year-old Michael, dressed as a clown, killed his first victim; his sister with a butcher knife on Halloween night.

The real house used in the 1978 film still stands and the public can visit it outside. It’s a private office now.

The original Myers house.

“Halloween” (1978)

Originally it stood in a quiet South Pasadena CA., neighborhood but was moved to a much noisier one, 1000 Mission Street, literally next to the railroad tracks.

Halloween Kills is expected in theaters on October 16, 2020.

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