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‘Halloween is Cancelled’ Short Features Michael Myers All Alone

by Trey Hilburn III

With Halloween being cancelled in certain parts of the country, a lot of us are bummed out. But, nobody is as bummed out as poor Micheal Myers on the streets of Haddonfield.

Andrew Kasch directed the parody Halloween is Cancelled in part of the short film club ‘Just Scare Me’. It’s a pretty satisfying short, that gets creative, funny and it actually goes on location. Best of all, the whole thing has a message that we should all be following.

The short begins with Myers walking the streets of Haddonefield on Halloween. It doesn’t take him long to discover he is all alone due to everyone being in quarantine.

In some pretty funny bits it has him revisiting familiar locations to no avail. Eventually, when Myers is about to give up, he meets someone that makes his night… and some of ours as well.


Of course, I’m talking about a fiery anti-masker. She chooses to yell at the wrong person. Luckily, Myers doesn’t have patience for those sorts of things and makes hilariously satisfying quick work of the whole situation.

What do you guys think about the Halloween is Cancelled short? Let us know in the comments section.

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