Halloween Infographic Separates Myths From Facts

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There are countless ‘cautionary tales’ out there revolving around Halloween, and we’ve all been told those stories by parents, teachers and other figures that looked after our well-being in our formative years. Tales such as razor blades in candy bars and increases in pedestrian fatalities encouraged us to be safe on Halloween night, so we could live to see future Halloweens.

And good on you, because if you’re reading this right now, you totally didn’t get crushed by a car or swallow a chocolate-coated razor blade. So give yourself a pat on the back!

But how much of all that jazz is based on actual statistics and facts, and how much is merely scare tactics? It can be hard to tell Halloween myth from Halloween reality, and that’s why we felt this here infographic was important to share with you boils and ghouls.

Whipped up by Portland State University, the Halloween infographic aims to separate myth from fact, letting us all know what we should truly be afraid of and what we’re better off not worrying about. For example, did you know that fires increase significantly on Halloween night, while tainted candy has very rarely – if ever – been a problem here in America?

Learn everything you need to know about being safe this Halloween with the infographic below, and brush up on more safety techniques by watching a deliciously corny Halloween safety video from 1985!


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