Halloween Filming Wraps Up, New Clues Released

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It’s no secret that this October marks the return of The Shape to big screens everywhere.  Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle have both signed on to reprise the roles they made famous in 1978’s classic, Halloween.  John Carpenter has also agreed to help create the music that will hopefully once again send shivers down the spine of your horror moviegoer.

For the majority of January and February, the cast and crew called Charleston, SC home, and turned the seaside tourist destination into the fictional midwestern town of Haddonfield, Ill.  Filming on the project wrapped this past week and Nick Castle commemorated filming his final scenes by immediately flying to Charlotte, NC to appear at the Mad Monster Party horror convention.

If you are a horror fan and have never been to a horror convention, it is definitely an exciting experience.  Fans have the opportunity to meet their favorite celebrities, obtain autographs and selfies with them.  They can chat about the movies they love, or upcoming projects.  They generally have a film festival, a huge vendor room, and Q and A sessions with the celebrities.

Nick Castle held a Q and A on Saturday, February 17th at 2pm in which he discussed his career and also gave a little insider info on the new Halloween film.  He was not allowed to release any big plot details, but he did drop a few hints that had not been previously announced.

“This film is full of Easter eggs” said Nick.  “The fans of John Carpenter’s original film will definitely catch a few nods back to the original”.  Nick spoke of a classroom scene where the word “Totally” was scratched on the board.  This is a direct reference to the character of Lynda, played by P.J. Soles in the 1978 original.

Nick also spoke of the Dr. Loomis role, and while the great Donald Pleasance passed in 1995, Nick assured that his legacy would be remembered and continued in the new film.

He also hinted that several publicity photos from 1978 had been recreated in kind of a then/now type format.  We will be treated to the current day Myers indulging in a Dr. Pepper, just like the familiar shot from the original, as well as several others.  No word on whether Jamie Lee Curtis recreated any of her publicity shots.

As previously announced, the yet to be titled sequel, picks up 40 years after the fateful night Laurie Strode narrowly escaped The Shape’s wrath.  Be ready to scream when the film opens nationwide October 19, 2018.