It’s that time of year again! Well, almost. We still have another month until all you horror fans favorite holiday! Halloween! We all know that some Halloween decorations can be pretty pricy and horror fans are willing to spend it. But why not make your own?





Masked Portraits

“When prepping for the holiday, don’t forget to costume everyone— even folks in paintings and photos. Black construction paper, scissors, and low-tack artists’ tape($3.53; were all it took to ready this blushing bride for a masquerade ball. (Other easy embellishments: red devil horns and white fangs.) Just resist the urge to disguise priceless artwork that’s not protected by glass.” (source: CountryLiving)



Paranormal Portraits

Why not decorate pictures of your mom, dad, siblings or even the grandparents? But add your own horror spice to it! Instructions how to make them  HERE



Spooky Terrariums

Now these would be fun to make! You can stick anything into these! Maybe some bloody body parts? Instructions HERE




Bloody Handprint

This idea is simply! Use some Elmer’s glue and some red dye, stick your hand to any glass area and you got yourself a bloody handprint!


Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 6.31.10 PM

Monster Archway

Paper, some glue or whatever things you have around your house to keep them up in your archway! Scare some of those trick or treaters by making them be eaten by a monster at your door! Instructions HERE

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 6.46.36 PM

Glowing Cocktails

Alright! Last one for now! But all you horror fans, I know you have Halloween parties or you’re like me that celebrate Halloween all year round, but seriously this is a cool idea!  Glowing drinks! No special potions, just some tonic water and black light! Jello shots, anyone?


That is all I have for now but I am sure more ideas will appear on here!

What are some ideas you have for Halloween decorations?