Halloween Decoration Ideas For Every Budget

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Halloween is coming. People either don’t care, or are already planning their costumes. I’m going to assume since you’re here, you’re one of the latter. It’s important to remember though that this isn’t just a holiday for people! You can dress up your houses to celebrate as well!

Most people are happy to go out and visit some of the professional haunted houses, complete with actors, but some are equally happy to make their own. For now, I’m only going to talk about the outside of the house. You want a house trick-or-treaters will be both thrilled and scared to walk up to? Well, let’s see if I can give you a few ideas for Halloween decorations.


Of course, one thing you can do is throw out everything Halloween you can get your hands on: spiders, pumpkins, corn stalks, gravestones and ghosts. The better set-ups though are where you have a specific theme, which isn’t hard to do.

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A spider takeover is clean, creepy, cheap, and very easy to do. Bags of fake webs start as low as $3.99 and a good look can easily be pulled off with only a half-dozen bags. Larger fake spiders can be a bit more expensive, or can be homemade to go along with the look.

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Graveyards can be similarly cheap, easy, and fun to do Halloween decorations. One trick I did with my friends was to buy a sheet of rigid insulation from the hardware store, which can get you a sheet of 4 feet by 8 feet for around $15. That’s more than enough to cut out and make a dozen headstones. Just make sure you also grab a saw made for cutting it, the foam will dull your knives pretty quick otherwise.

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Zombies are going to start getting a bit more expensive. At the very least, you’ll need something for heads, but one thing you can do is take your old clothes, tear them up and splatter them with red. Then stuff them with newspaper and use some boards or even shovels to stand them up. You can also go the more expensive route and buy them as whole plastic and rubber decorations, along with body parts. Some people also use wood cut-outs, which can be painted to be realistic or just painted black and backlit.


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