Yes we know its still early September, but we here at iHorror are already gearing up for our favorite holiday of the year: HALLOWEEN! As excited as we get seeing Spirit Halloween shops pop up in recently closed outlet spaces, seeing local Michaels and Target get filled with ghoulish party favors we have to remember to put effort into our decor. To help you figure out what not to do we looked up some examples of what not to do with your lawn decoration this Halloween season.

Be wary of giant phallic decorations:

Source: Pophangover

Do spell check your decorations please:

Source: craftinterrupted

Fully commit to your concept and you will not need signs:

Source: Pinterest

Do not get distracted halfway through:

Source: Ranker

Try not to be preachy. Side note, avoid this house for trick or treating:

Source: Ranker

Put effort into whatever you do:

Source PopHangover