'Halloween' via Blumhouse

On Halloween, everyone’s entitled to one good scare. Or if serial killing boogeyman Michael Myers is around, lots of and lots of them. We’re now just two months out from the theatrical return of Mr. Myers, in director David Gordon Green’s new Halloween sequel/reboot.

As most fans are no doubt aware of by now, one of the major things setting Green’s film apart is that it functions as a sequel to only John Carpenter’s original classic. All seven prior sequels – not to mention the two Rob Zombie offshoots – will be ignored this time out.

While that move might upset some, the fact that Jamie Lee Curtis is back playing Laurie Strode – and Carpenter is back as producer and composer – has made many fans optimistic about this new entry. A really well-done trailer released awhile back didn’t hurt things either.

Recut 'Halloween' (2018) Trailer Takes Michael Myers Back to the 80s

Now, creative fan Patrick J. Doody has taken it upon himself to combine footage from the aforementioned trailer for Halloween (2018) with audio from a 1981 NBC TV commercial advertising an upcoming airing of Halloween (1978). The effect it creates is magic.

For those of us who grew up in the era of VHS, and TV premieres of movies getting heavily promoted as big events, the recut trailer below is a pure hit of nostalgic bliss. Here’s hoping the new movie lives up to it, when Myers once again slashes into theaters on October 19th.