Early ‘Halloween’ (2018) Script Ended Things Much Differently for Laurie

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Every horror icon tends to have their signature foe, whether or not they end up battling more than once. Freddy has Nancy, Jason has Tommy, Pinhead has Kirsty, Chucky has Andy, Ghostface has Sidney, and Halloween’s Michael Myers has Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode.

Curtis first gained fame via her turn as the quintessential slasher scream queen in John Carpenter’s 1978 classic, and has since reprized the role in four follow-up Halloween films. The franchise’s continuity is an absolute mess, but Laurie has remained a comforting center.

After the massive box office haul of Blumhouse’s 2018 Halloween film, it seems inevitable that Curtis will return to play Laurie again. Yet, according to Bloody Disgusting, an early script for director David Gordon Green’s sequel saw Michael kill Laurie off with his bare hands.

The film was apparently originally intended to wrap up Laurie’s story once and for all, which jives with the initial interviews given about the project. When exactly it was decided to have her survive is unclear, and one wonders if her survival was a case of executive meddling.

Either way, even if she had died, Laurie might still have returned. After all, she was declared dead in Halloween 4, and killed by Michael in Halloween: Resurrection, yet still eventually came back. Michael may be the boogeyman, but Laurie also seems to be immortal.

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