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While remakes have been a thing in Hollywood since nearly the beginning of film, it’s fair to say that the phenomenon just keeps happening more and more with each passing decade. This is likely due to studios becoming increasingly unwilling to take financial risks on properties without built-in name value.

Horror is of course the genre that tends to receive the most remakes, with nearly every possible horror classic seeing a re-do at some point, whether it be for film or TV. 1958’s The Blob was no different, being remade by Nightmare on Elm Street 3 director Chuck Russell in 1988.

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The Blob (1988) is one of the rare remakes that some fans argue is even better than the original – or at least in the same league – bolstered by gory practical effects, fun performances by Kevin Dillon and Shawnee Smith, and that undeniable cheesy 80’s charm that so many of the decade’s films possess.

It’s been known for some time now that a remake of The Blob was in the offing, with iconic actor Samuel L. Jackson attached to play the lead. However, a recent posting on the site of film distribution company Swengroup suggests that another A-lister may now be attached: Halle Berry.

Halle Berry in Extant
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Simon West (When A Stranger Calls) is still listed as director on the posting, which fits, as he was reportedly attached prior to Jackson coming aboard. However, the only actor mentioned is Berry, so it’s unclear whether she would be working alongside Jackson or replace him as the lead star.

There has been no official announcement yet of Berry’s casting or Jackson’s status regarding The Blob remake, so for now, take the above info with a grain of salt.

Still, were the duo to actually end up teaming up on-screen, that could prove quite interesting, as they haven’t worked together since the 90’s. For fans’ sake though, here’s hoping it’s better than previous Berry-fronted horror effort Gothika.

Samuel L. Jackson in Deep Blue Sea
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