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Halle Berry Has Joined the Cast of Sci-fi Thriller ‘Moonfall’

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Roland Emmerich’s Moonfall has found its leading lady. Oscar winner Halle Berry (Gothika) joins Josh Gad who was previously announced last week.

Emmerich co-wrote and will direct the film which finds the world in peril after a mysterious force pushes the moon out of its orbit and on a collision course with Earth. With only weeks before impact, a group is sent out into space in an attempt to correct the moon’s course.

While it’s certainly a big premise, let’s not forget that Emmerich gave us Independence Day and Stargate, so he’s used to working on a grand scale.

According to Deadline, Berry will play a former astronaut turned NASA administrator whose previous missions may hold a clue as to why the moon has suddenly been pushed out of its orbit.

Lionsgate will distribute the film which is tentatively set to begin shooting later this year depending on when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

Emmerich and his Centropolis company are handling all aspects of financing for the film.

If all goes well, Moonfall might be just the right kind of big Summer movie for 2021 to help recoup some of this year’s anticipated losses.

iHorror will keep you posted on all the Moonfall news as it becomes available.

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