Guillermo del Toro Kills Last Hope For Hellboy 3

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In 2008 Guillermo del Toro brought us Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. Since then, everyone has eagerly awaited another Hellboy movie, and we never quite gave up hope.

Hellboy, released in 2004, is the story of a demon born from hell that’s kind of a cool dude. He was conjured up by the Nazis, rescued by John Hurt and raised to fight the evil spirits that wander the earth, with the help of other magicial beings. The titular role is played by Ron Perlman, with his sidekick Ape Sapien played by Doug Jones.

There were always glimmers of hope, like that time Ron Perlman said in a Reddit AMA that he argues for Hellboy 3 everyday. And even though del Toro announced in 2015 that it is probably not going to happen, all people could read was the word probably. Then, January 2017, he tweeted:

The tweet generated huge excitement among the fandom. But today he tweeted again, and the news isn’t as good.

So it appears it’s over, there is no chance we’ll get to see Hellboy 3 … for now. Of course, fans never quite give up.

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