Gruesome Workplace Training Video Is Like a Slasher With Hardhats

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There’s been renewed interest in a horrifying 1999 workplace safety training video on social media.

People first became aware of it back in 2016, at least the New York Post did, and now it’s come back to life on Facebook.

In it, blue-collar warehouse workers are having the worst day ever as “joyriding” forklift drivers and careless machinists, maim, impale and electrocute themselves with Savini-like aplomb.

Figuratively, if you look close enough, Death from Final Destination can be seen filing his nails and sipping sangria since these victims pretty much deliver themselves.

Blood pours from every appendage and heads roll as the company with the worst hiring record loses staff at an alarming rate all the while encouraging them to “do the job the right way.”

The wrench through the head bit belongs in the Slasher Movie Hall of Fame.

So put on your hardhat, watch the video below, and always remember not to look directly into a tube funneling acid while it’s still on.

Warning the workplace training video below contains graphic depictions of extreme employee negligence and spousal life insurance payouts.