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If you were expecting to start the summer blockbuster season with a reboot of The Grudge, keep your swim trunks on as that film won’t get to theaters until 2020.

Deadline is reporting that the Nicholas Pesce directed chiller was supposed to drop on June 21 of this year, but now it’s been pushed back to Jan. 2020.

The movie hasn’t had the best reputation. With development problems, the absence of universe creator Takashi Shimizu on the project and the uncertainty of exactly where the mythology is headed.

Still, there are many big genre players behind it, from Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures to the “Streep of Creep” Lin Shaye herself (Insidious) who says it’s the scariest film she’s ever done.

Horror fans will have to wait to see if her assessment is right though, but we have plenty of other horror film to look forward to in its place this year.

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