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Perhaps one of the most important and craziest drive-in/exploitation movies out there is Drink Your Blood. Essentially, it’s about a Satanic cult that gets infected with rabies when they eat tainted meat pies and go on a killing rampage in a small town they are holed up in. The characters are nearly cartoonish, it’s filled with blood and gore, a far out, zany soundtrack and premise that they seemed misinformed about. That doesn’t stop I Drink Your Blood from being one of my personal favorites!

Grindhouse Releasing has been releasing their library of films and this is the moment long time fans have been waiting for. On November 8thI Drink Your Blood will be available on Blu-ray! Not only will the old features from the DVD be included, but a slew of new ones will be added as well, but that’s not all! The release will include two other vintage features, I Eat Your Skin and Blue Sextet, the latter of which has been unseen.

I Drink Your Blood is one of the most infamous movies in the history of exploitation films,” says Grindhouse Releasing co-founder Bob Murawski. “Rescuing this lost gem was one of our most important achievements. And being able to finally unite I Drink Your Blood with its legendary co-feature I Eat Your Skin, both fully remastered in stunning HD for the very first time, takes that accomplishment one step further. We’ve spent almost a decade working on this release, and I feel it’s our finest yet. I’m also thrilled that so many theaters are playing I Drink Your Blood. We’ve been trying to make this happen for years and have finally succeeded. Seeing this movie on the big screen with an audience is a mind-blowing experience. No self-respecting horror fan should miss this rare opportunity.”

I Drink Your Blood stars Bhaskar, John Damon, and cult superstar Lynn Lowry (George A. Romero’s The Crazies, David Cronenberg’s The Came from Within, and Paul Schrader’s The Cat People)


I Drink Your Blood Blu-ray Specs:

– Spectacular new HD restoration of the original UNCENSORED DIRECTOR’S CUT
– 4 controversial deleted scenes including the original blood-drenched ending deemed too disturbing for ’70s audiences!
– Provocative audio commentary by director David Durston and star Bhaskar
– Newly recorded audio commentary by stars Jack Damon and Tyde Kierney
– Revealing on-camera interviews with stars Lynn Lowry, Tyde Kierney and Jack Damon
– New in-depth interview with director David Durston
– The original theatrical trailer and radio spots
– Extensive gallery of stills and poster art
– Rare and shocking film of Bhaskar performing THE EVIL KING COBRA DANCE
I EAT YOUR SKIN (1964) – presented for the very first time in HD
+ exclusive interview with 2nd unit director William Grefe
BLUE SEXTET (1969) – David Durston’s long-lost X-rated psychedelic shocker – presented for the very first time on home video!
– Beautiful embossed slipcover
– BONUS – I DRINK YOUR BLOOD HORROR HYPO – Inject your friends with rabies! – limited to the first 3000 copies!