Time and time, year after year, I have made Gremlins a Christmas viewing essential. It’s a film that some of us saw at a very young age. It boundlessly combines the Holiday cheer of a Rockwellian small town with a bunch of impish, nightmarish creatures. But, also it’s great Christmas holiday fun… mostly.

There was a enormously memorable step in Gremlins that goes from creature feature horror to something that exists in a existential and melancholy arena. This moment is the moment that Kate decides to tell Billy all about her father and the last time he was around for Christmas.

As a kid, this was a scene that I would fast-foward. It was just too much for a kid sitting in his jammies eating heaping bowls of Cocoa Pebbles.  In fact, it’s still pretty dang heavy when placed next to the rest of Gremlins.

Now, the designers over at Readful Things have gone and created a figure for the ages of Christmas past… especially a past dealing with poor ole’ Kate’s dead dad.

The figure features, Kate’s dad complete with neck broken all to hell; his Santa suit all dirtied with the soot from the chimney flute that became her dad’s tomb.


Being Christmas Eve and all, I had to share this one with you guys. Have a happy and safe holidays and of course let us know what you think of Readful Thing’s intense figure in the comments section.

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