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‘Gremlins’ Returning to Theaters Next Month

by Michael Carpenter

Everyone has their favorite Christmas movies to watch every year, and horror fans are no different. Halloween may be the best day of the year, but Christmas is fun too. Of course, as horror fans, what we want to watch for Christmas might be a bit different.

We might want to watch a holiday slasher, like Black Christmas or Silent Night, Deadly Night. Or maybe a dark comedy, such as The Nightmare Before Christmas or Scrooged. We can also go for a horror/comedy blend, and few are better than 1984’s Gremlins.

Directed by Joe Dante, Gremlins gave the world the adorable mogwai Gizmo and his not so adorable offspring, the Gremlins. Gremlins isn’t so harsh as to be not be family friendly, but it’s also far from a G-rated Christmas movie full of hugs and sappy music.


For those who’ve never had the privilege of seeing Gremlins on the big screen, you’re in luck, as it’s headed back to theaters in December. There’s a few catches though: it’s only screening at Regal theaters, and it’s only for one week, from the 6th-11th.

Tickets for the showings can be bought now at the Regal website. As an additional note, the film is also screening in 4DX at theaters with that capability, offering a new way to experience the Gremlins’ rampage through the small, quiet town of Kingston Falls.

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