Some movies enjoy brief success, becoming a relic of their time, while others transcend their era, earning new fans with each successive viewer generation. Joe Dante’s beloved 1984 classic Gremlins is definitely the latter.

Managing to be a hilarious comedy, an effective horror movie, and a Christmas tradition all at once, Gremlins is one of my personal favorite films, and I know I’m far from alone in that. Gremlins 2 is also really good.

A third Gremlins film has been in development hell for several years, never seeming to get too far off the ground. However, the Mogwai and their evil spawn now look to return soon anyway, this time in the animated realm.

According to Variety, a Gremlins animated series is currently in active development, with plans to debut the series on WarnerMedia’s upcoming streaming service. Warner Bros. TV and Amblin TV are both producing.

The Gremlins animated project is slated to be a prequel following Gizmo’s original owner Mr. Wing during his younger days as he goes on adventures with the cute little creature. Sadly, one assumes Kingston Falls won’t appear.

A beta version of the untitled WarnerMedia streaming service is expected to launch before the end of 2019, although original programming likely won’t start appearing on it until 2020. Stay tuned to iHorror for further updates.