‘Gremlins’ In 4DX Brings The Christmas Mayhem To Your Seat

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It’s that wonderful time of year. The holidays are coming with lots of good tidings, family gatherings, and revival screenings of classic movies! Chief among these Christmas classic is the 80’s mini-monster movie, Gremlins! And for a limited time, from December 6th through December 11th, you can not only watch Gremlins, but in an immersive 4DX experience!

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In select Regal Cinema theaters, they’ll be screening Joe Dante’s landmark movie of the greatest git of all, The Mogwai! Namely, the mogwai known as Gizmo (Voiced by Howie Madel.) Gizmo is given to Billy Peltzer (Zach Galligan) by his wacky inventor father and is given a huge responsibility. The three rules in taking care of him include keeping him away from sunshine, making sure he doesn’t get wet, and not to feed him after midnight. Needless to say, Billy accidentally breaks some of these rules and leads to his small town being overwhelmed by wacky, violent, hungry Gremlins!

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Having seen Gremlins nearly every year of my life, to see it in a format like 4DX was a different and exhilarating experience that I would highly recommend. Every special FX and trick that 4DX has to offer was put into play. The seats move with the action, and it’s especially fun when they follow the rampant movements and acrobatics of those hyperactive gremlins and their explosive pranks. The Mrs. Deagle chair scene in particular was fun to experience. Bright lights flash with camera and lightning among other in movie scenes. Water sprays when Gizmo or the Gremlins gets splashed. And fog emerges whenever the Gremlins multiply to increase their numbers and the chaos.

If you ever wanted to feel like you were at the movies when the Gremlins were hoarding to watch Snow White And The Seven Dwarves then this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Check out local listings on Regal Cinema’s website and make an appointment for Gremlins to invade your theater!

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