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‘Gremlins 3’ Writer Says Creatures Will Not Be CG and Will Be “Foremost, a Horror Movie”

by Trey Hilburn III

We like to hear this kind of stuff. It appears that director and producer, Chris Columbus is out making the rounds and talking Gremlins. Not just any Gremlins though, he is talking about a direct sequel to Joe Dante’s first two classic films. Best of all, he is very adamant about these monstrous little dudes being practical puppets and not CG. What a sigh of relief that is, right guys?

“I would love to do it, I wrote a script, so there is an existing script. We’re working out some rights issues right now, so we’re just trying to figure out when the best time to make that film would be. I would still do it the same way I would do it as tangible puppets, not CGI. Maybe having you know we had one stop-motion scene in the first Gremlins, but I don’t think I’d use much CGI in Gremlins 3.” Columbus told Collider.

Screenwriter, Carl Ellsworth wrote a script for Gremlins 3. He seems just as pumped up as Columbus does about bringing Gremlins back in the way that they should be brought back. The most exciting bit is that he knows that Gremlins above all else is “foremost, a horror movie.”

“These little creatures what they’re really doing, they’re cold-blooded little murderers, you know? They’re psychotic little creatures that are killing everybody. So that’s where it all started. I tried to preserve the humor, but at the same time, I was starting with the foundation of this being a horror movie, which I was really thrilled about.” Ellsworth said.

I mean, this is exactly where Gremlins needs to be. It sounds like they are in very good hands. Now, just bring back Joe Dante to finish out the trilogy and we have ourselves an all-timer.

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