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Who is the Greatest Movie Killer of all Time?

by Daniel Hegarty

It’s a question that has topped the debate for critics and fans around the world. Who is the greatest movie killer of all time? Is it Freddy or Jason, Pin Head or Leatherface? Taking a few different views on how the scores should be calculated, these guys over at designbysoap.co.uk think they have the answer, and they have created a cool infographic to show their findings.

Like you will, i’m sure, I had a few geek questions regarding the integrity of the killers themselves. Considering Jason Voorhees was not the sole killer in the movies and Jigsaw was actually a different character from Saw 4 onward. But when you reach the bottom of the infographic there is a disclaimer style note letting us all know that they have considered those variables, well done chaps see ‘Notes and Sources’.

who is the greatest horror movie killer of all time?

So there you have it, the results are in and Jason Voorhees is the Mother Fucking Daddy but to be honest we all knew that anyway. Thanks to designbysoap.co.uk for this great infographic and keep them coming as this is just the cool stuff us horror nerds want to see.

If there anyone else that should be on this list? Or do you have a problem with the results or how they have been calculate? Get in touch and let up know what your think.

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