Graphic Novel ‘Memetic’ Adaptation in Development at Lionsgate

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Lionsgate has picked up the feature spec script for Memetic from Mattson Tomlin (The Batman) according to Deadline. The project came to the studio via Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Jason Weaver, and Josh Fagen who will serve as producers on the project.

Based on the Boom! Studios graphic novel by James Tynion IV, Memetic takes place on a college campus where things spiral rapidly out of control after a meme goes viral that causes anyone who looks at it to become violent within 12 hours of exposure. It’s up to a group of students who will band together to survive and stop the deadly effects of the meme.

It’s the perfect set-up for a horror film with a dark sense of humor in the year 2020 when memes have become an intrinsic part of communication and pop culture.

Tynion has an excellent portfolio of graphic novels under his belt including Something is Killing the Children and The Woods as well as his work for DC Comics which laid the path for him to take over writing duties for Batman in 2020.

Aside from The Batman, which is currently scheduled for release in 2021, Tomlin has several short films under his belt and currently attached to write a feature script for a film based on the Mega Man video games.

iHorror will keep you posted on details about Memetic as this story develops.

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