Written by Patti Pauley

Anyone that pays any attention to my fervidly ramblings here on iHorror, are fairly aware that I consider The Exorcist 3 an immensely underappreciated horror film, and absolutely one of favorite flicks to throw on during a quiet night at the homestead. Incidentally, the chilling performance from Brad Dourif alone as the ruthless Gemini Killer always stood out to me as one of the icon’s greatest performances on-screen; alongside his portrayal of Billy in One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest of course, worthy enough of at least an Oscar nod.

Another key moment in this fantastic film is the WTF jump scare that nobody really saw coming in the form of a nun with garden shears. The Gemini having a little random fun within the walls of the eerie hospital, executes one of the movie’s most prolific scenes that if anything, makes you remember the film just for that scene alone. A graphic artist on Twitter by the name of Richard Wells, maybe thinks so as well. Or he’s just having some serious photo-shopping fun. Either way, I don’t care. This is just too amazing not to share with the rest of you, and had me laughing my ass off.


Lord of the Rings

Now, to be fair, when it comes to the Twatter, I mean Twitter, I totally fail at life. I feel like my lovely 84 year-old grandmother trying to get a handle on the confounded thing. However, I try to jump on the damned thing every few days to catch up on what people are talking about and that’s when I came across the Rocky picture above that had over 50 re-tweets. Umm, excuse me? Two of my favorite films combined? I had to look over this dude’s account. And sure enough, there was a full day where this honorable individual devoted the day to inserting the Exorcist 3 nun into some beloved classics. Thank you Richard Wells. You made the Twitter more interesting at least for this one day. Keep up the good work, not all superheros wear capes.